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Gregory Road, Lochinvar NSW 2321

Call: 02 4930 7270

Parents & Friends

We understand the need to develop and maintain close cooperation between parents and the school in the support of their children. The journey of education and life long learning is necessary in order for all to reach their full potential. The Parents and Friends Association allows the school to continue significant partnerships between the school and home community.

The P&F Association meet monthly.  These meetings are open to all parents and friends of children at St Patrick’s Primary School. In addition to promoting the general school aims, the P&F is involved in our school in practical ways:

  • Social events are arranged to include all families
  • Fund raising (to help provide up-to-date resources and technology)
  • Decisions on allocation of funds (in consultation with the Principal and staff)
  • Maintenance and improvements (e.g. blinds, carpets)
  • Class representative system to welcome new parents and to share the responsibility of fund raising


Your involvement in the P&F ensures that the school remains well equipped and that your child’s education benefits.  You will find that meetings are enjoyable, informal and a good way of meeting other parents.  We hope to see you there!