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You Can Do It!


At St. Patrick’s we implement the Pastoral Care social skills program You Can Do It. The school “You Can Do It” (YCDI) program is a holistic school based approach builds students social and emotional intelligences by focusing on the ‘foundation keys’ each term. The language of the program is incorporated into the day to day interactions between teachers and students.


You Can Do It! Education’s main purpose is to support communities, schools, and homes in a collective effort to optimise the social, emotional, and academic outcomes of all young people.

Its unique contribution is in identifying the social and emotional capabilities that all young people need to acquire in order to be successful in school, experience wellbeing, and have positive relationships including making contributions to others and the community (good citizenship).

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The termly YCDI focus at St. Patrick’s is:

  •          Term 1- Getting Along with Others Key
  •          Term 2- Organisation Key
  •          Term 3- Persistence Key
  •          Term 4- Confidence Key
  •          For the last two weeks of each term - Resilience Key


YCDI is incorporated into our award structure and is developed at school assemblies via our Student Representative Council (SRC). Class lessons are taught each term focussing on each trait of the program.