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Learning Support


St. Patrick’s, Lochinvar endeavours to work collaboratively, professionally and cohesively towards a common goal of inclusivity.  Jesus showed us how to be an inclusive community through examples of trust, compassion, tolerance, and acceptance. St. Patrick’s is a place where we can trust and rely on each other to build positive relationships and support each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are determined to teach and model the dignity and uniqueness of the individual, made in the image of God. By working collaboratively to solve problems and cater for the diverse needs of students, we are working towards the creation of a school where all children are treated as individuals and their strengths celebrated.  We strive to create an environment where all children have access to the curriculum that caters for their learning needs through consistently high standards of inclusive practices and effective pedagogy. We recognise that all individuals have different levels and types of intelligence and that some children live with the limitations of a disease, a disorder or a disability. Those children who struggle academically are catered for through targeted programmes, as are those gifted and talented children.  We believe that the family is the foundation of the child’s learning and behaviour and so encourage close home/school communication and consultation.

At St. Patrick’s we have an experienced Learning Support Team. This team is coordinated by the Learning Support Teacher, Mrs Bettina O’Heir (pictured), and supported by the Learning Support Assistants that work with individual or a group of students within the classrooms and support centre. The team is also support by the school Pastoral Care Worker and School Psychologist.


Our Belief Statements at St. Patrick's

  • We believe that all children have a right to be educated in a climate of pastoral care where each child’s story is respected and individual needs are met
  • We believe that the needs of every child can be met, regardless of their background or their disability, through the provision of equal opportunities for learning
  • We believe that all children have the potential to learn and that we as educators must develop their potential through best practice
  • We believe that each child is unique and learns in different ways and our pedagogy should reflect the diversity in our students through adjusted tasks
  • We believe that a child’s academic, social and emotional potential will be realised if we work collaboratively and in consultation with all stakeholders
  • We believe that children learn best in a climate where positive relationships with all members of the school community are fostered
  • We believe that students will be successful if we set them up to be successful
  • We believe that our pedagogy should include practices that lead the student to independence


St. Patrick’s school implements various support programs designed to enrich the school life of all members in the school community. Support is provided at both the classroom and whole school level. Students are assisted in their learning through targetted numeracy, phonemic awareness, literacy or social skills programs. 

An example of school enrichment programs are the transition processes from Presechool to Kindergarten, and Year 6 to Year 7. 

Preschool to Kindergarten - All children participate in an orientation program before beginning Kindergarten. The Mighty Mates buddy program is helps Kinder orientation and familiarity with the school. New Kinder enrolments to St. Patrick’s are assigned a Year 6 Mighty Mate. These Mighty Mates (buddies) write a welcoming letter to their allocated Kinder mate before they attend Orientation, meet with the new Kinders at Orientation, and renew their acquaintance and build support when school begins.


Families needing more information about support services such as Kaleidoscope, please see our document listing External Agencies and Services in the Documents Library.